Academic Writing

Instructions for auditing projects

The Library and Information Center of Panteion University provides to undergraduates and postgraduates students and PhD candidates a guideline to audit theses, to reach high level of quality work, acceptable for the corresponding academia level.

The guidelines were approved by the Council of Panteion University Social and Political Sciences (17/03/2017). The students are obliged to follow the instructions to get their thesis approved.

The full text of the instructions may be found here

Turnitin Plagiarism Software

Panteion University has acquired the Turnitin plagiarism software.

The Turnitin Originality Check, software for detecting plagiarism, checks the content of the thesis with:

• 58+ billion webpages

• 570+ million student theses

• 150+ million articles from academic books and editions, scientific journals and databases, postgraduates and PhDs.

The Turnitin Originality Check also includes the Translated Matching functionality and is used in over 15,000 educational institutions, 1.6 million teachers and 26 million students worldwide.

Credentials for access are granted to members of Vocational Personnel.