Services for Disabled People

Panteion University Library seeks to be fully inclusive to all library users and strives to break down barriers to access and wants to ensure that all information resources are equally accessible to all users regardless of any physical or mental impairment they may have. To facilitate access the library is physically accessible, provides special equipment, and offers textbooks in accessible digital formats to users who are blind, have low vision or are otherwise disabled.

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Assistive technologies:

Assistive technologies play an important role in equalizing opportunities for people with disabilities. At the library, we make every effort to ensure that these people have access to the building, the collections and the services according to their needs.

Therefore, there is a computer workstation on the ground floor, placed in an adjustable worktable which is accessible via wheelchair. There is a big keys keyboard and a special joystick attached to it to assist the use for people with print and motor disabilities. The workstation it is also equipped with electronic readers, optical character recognition and magnification software, speech output systems, an electronic Braille screen reader and printer, and a multi function scanning and reading appliance.

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Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library of Greece

AMElib is a controlled access multi modal digital library that has been developed by Heal-Link, the Greek academic libraries consortium. It is a web-based service that provides digital publications to authorized users who are subscribed to the service and informed about copyright protection laws

Greece has signed but not yet ratify and implement the provisions of the Marrakesh VIP Treaty, that makes the production and sharing of specially-adapted books for people with blindness or visual impairments legal and easier. For this reason the academic libraries are in collaboration with the publishers and copyright owners and the production of accessible publications is done according to the decision of the Greek Ministry of Culture 98546 (Government Gazette B2065 24.10.2007.). The aspiration of the Consortium is to develop and support AMELib further so it can serve as an online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) of accessible bibliography.

The collection consists mainly of Greek academic textbooks and open-access publications, it is constantly updated and at present counts 1146 digital and audio publications and 1845 digital items that can be found in different formats, such as PDF (pdf), Word (Docx), DAISY (rar), ePUB (epub) and audio files in mp3 and (wav).The collection it is documented according to the international descriptive cataloging standard RDA and the development of the web service is based on the FRBR entity-relationship model.

Production of accessible academic publications

The Library produces publications in the accessible format that is best suited to each user’s needs. To achieve the conversion from print or electronic to an accessible format we follow and adopt specific international standards that the Consortium has carefully studied, selected and adopted. The produced accessible format does not alter the content of the publications, except in cases of a necessary verbal description of images, tables and page layouts.

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The library has made an open call to students and members of the academic community to participate in volunteeringly in the AMELib team as another student activity. Volunteers are trained in the production of accessible digital books and once they feel adequate and comfortable with their acquired skills they can become trainers themselves if they wish to. The working hours are flexible and can be adjusted to the volunteer’s schedule.

Benefits of the volunteer experience:

• Training in welfare services for people with disabilities

• Accreditation certificate and recommendation letter signed by the Director of the library

Applicants may contact to request further information or may