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Electronic resources (or e-resources) are materials in digital format accessible electronically. Examples of e-resources are electronic journals (e-journal), electronic books (e-book) online databases in varied digital formats, Adobe Acrobat documents (.pdf),) and more. The Library Proxy Service enables remote access to e-resources off-campus. Due to licensing agreement regulations, only Panteion University faculty, students and staff can access library e-resources. For remote access to E-Resources contact the library at info.library@panteion.gr


Through this Portal, HEAL-Link members have full-text access to journals, e-books and to bibliographic databases. HEAL-Link unified search engine is available with various search options.


JSTOR provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines. The library has access to the collections Arts and Science I, II, III, IV, VI, VII, IX and ΧΙΙ.


Access to the bibliographic and citation database of Elsevier, with a simultaneous search to more than 21500 titles of scientific journals, to more than 116000 e-books and to the World Wide Web, and the possibility of automatic linking to the full text of the articles of the subscribed titles to HEAL-Link. Scopus database includes also citation indexes in all the sectors of science and technology.

Border and Migration Studies Online

Border and Migration Studies Online is a collection that explores and provides historical background on more than thirty key worldwide border areas, including: U.S. and Mexico; the European Union; Afghanistan; Israel; Turkey; The Congo; Argentina; China; Thailand; and others. Featuring at completion 100,000 pages of text, 175 hours of video, and 1,000 images, the collection is organized around fundamental themes associated with border and migration issues.

Gender Watch

GenderWatch enhances gender and women’s studies, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) research by providing authoritative perspectives from 1970 to the present. This well-established and highly reviewed resource offer over 300 titles, with more than 250 in full-text, from an array of academic, radical, community and independent presses. Researchers and teachers may access more than 219,000 full articles on wide-ranging topics like sexuality, religion, societal roles, feminism, masculinity, eating disorders, healthcare, and the workplace.

Periodicals Archive Online

Periodicals Archive Online is a major archive that makes the backfiles of periodicals in the humanities and social sciences available electronically, providing access to the full text of a growing number of digitized periodicals that have been indexed in its sister database, Periodicals Index Online. Currently, Periodicals Archive Online contains over 700 journals comprising more than 3 million articles and 15 million article pages. Periodicals Archive Online continues to add new titles, to give undergraduate and graduate students, university faculty and libraries access to a growing collection of key journals in the humanities and social sciences.

Eighteenth Century Collection online: part I

Eighteenth Century Collections Online: Part I offers students and researchers access to the most comprehensive online library of eighteenth-century book titles printed in the United Kingdom. Eighteenth Century Collections Online contains every significant English-language and foreign-language title printed in the United Kingdom between the years 1701 and 1800; Part I includes 135,000 printed works, comprising more than 26 million scanned facsimile pages. While the majority of works in ECCO are in the English language, researchers will also discover a rich vein of works printed in Dutch, French, German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, and Welsh.

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae (TLG)

Full-text access to literary works, dated from the Homer (8 c. B.C.) to 1453 A.D. Today, TLG contains more than 110 million words from over 10,000 works associated with 4,000 authors. To access the TLG database, in addition to the IP addresses that have already been registered to the provider, each user is necessary to create an account.

Grove Art Online

Updated scholarly art resource that covers global art and architecture from prehistory to present day. Includes 30000 signed and peer-reviewed articles contributed by over 7000 scholars from around the world, accompanied by images, bibliographies, and links to additional resources.

Grove Music Online

A significant resource for music research with over 57000 articles written by over 6000 scholars charting the diverse history, theory and cultures of music around the globe. Grove Music Online also features 40000 biographical articles providing life information and detailed works lists for composers, performers, and other important musical figures and also features more than 6000 images, musical examples, and links to audio and video examples.


Access to a major E-Books collection is available through either Heal-link or Library purchases.


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Electronic journals

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Electronic books

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