Borrowing rights

All members (internal users) of the academic community of Panteion University are eligible to borrowing privileges provided they own a valid library card (temporary or permanent). External users do not have the right to borrow material; however they may use library material indoors.

Library card

Eligible for a permanent Library card are all members of Panteion university academic community (faculty members, undergraduates, researchers, administrative staff as well as retired faculty members and staff).

Eligible for a temporary Library card (valid for a period of three years) are doctoral thesis researchers after awarding. Eligible for a temporary Library card, after Director’s decisions are faculty members from abroad, researchers, postdoctoral students

Loan periods

Member type Number of items Loan period
Undergraduates and ERASMUS students, researchers 5 copies 15 days
Postgraduates, postdoctoral students, researchers 8 copies 15 days
Academic staff, PhD candidates, administrative staff 12 copies 30 days
Disabled people 5 copies 30 days

Important notice! Books of high demand are designated as short loan material and can be borrowed for an overnight, two days only, or be excluded from borrowing with decision of the librarians or under suggestion of academic staff and as long as it is required.

Loan period violation

The purpose of the Library is to improve user services and maintain a smooth operation. Therefore, introduces a penalty point system with application of negative points for overdue items which may result in temporary suspension of borrowing privileges or permanent abolition of them.

In particular: each item overdue, receives one (1) penalty point per day of overdue.

Users who fail to return or renew items within five (5) working days, reach the penalty point limit of 5 penalty points and their library privileges are suspended. The same applies when users have any other debt to the Library even if they have not reached the maximum number of items entitled to borrow.

When penalty points reach 30, user’s borrowing privileges are suspended for one (1) month.

Penalty accumulation may result to permanent loss of borrowing privilege with a Senate decision. Please consult the full text of Library Rules & Regulations for details on borrowing services.