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Digital Library Pandemos

Pandemos is a full access Digital Library which promotes the benefits of free and immediate access to research. Aligned to Open Access Policy, Pandemos supports research, teaching, and digital curation efforts at our members. Here you may find the Academic Repository (postgraduate theses, doctorate theses, lecture notes), the Photographic and Historical Archive of Panteion (university publications, scientific yearbooks, photos of events, video of the University), Digitized Journals Archive, and University Press (conferences, scientific yearbooks, specials and honorary volumes, editions and publications of the Library and Information Centre, publications of academic staff).

Open Archives – Greek Science Content in the digital public place

Open Archives is the largest portal providing a single point of access to Greek scientific digital content of high quality. Content providers are libraries, archives, academic and research institutions from Greece and Cyprus.

Open Access

Library and Information Systems of Panteion University supports the free and immediate access to research.

“Open access addresses the problem of limited access to scholarly outputs, usually caused by high subscription rates.  It is the practice of providing online access to scientific information (articles, monographs, research data) that is free of charge to the reader, and licensed so that they can be further used and exploited by researchers, by the industry, and by citizens. Milestone definitions of open access include those of the: Budapest Open access Initiative (BOAI) and the Berlin Declaration (October 2003) on Open access. By removing legal, commercial and technological barriers to access of scientific information the research process becomes more efficient and research results more visible. Furthermore, open access prevents duplication, fosters knowledge and technological transfer and promotes innovation”. (Mediterranean Open Access Network (2013). MedOANet guidelines for implementing open access policies. Retrieved from

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