Information on Collections

Library’s collection has broad coverage in the academic fields of social and political sciences. The collection is mainly in Greek and English, but there is also coverage in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian bibliography.

The collection extends across the four floors of the Library, and it is cataloged and shelved according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Library of Congress Subject Headings is used for subject documentation, as well as National Library’s Headings for Greek terms.

Reference books (encyclopedias, manuals, dictionaries, etc.), audiovisual material (DVD, CDs), printed journals, doctoral dissertations, postgraduate studies, the collection of the Historical Library and part of the basic collection monographs (books) are located on the ground floor of the library. The rest of the printed book collection is distributed over the remaining three floors.

Overall, the Library has:

• 115,000 books

• 980 titles of printed journals

• 27,000 titles of electronic journals

• 1600 doctoral dissertations

• 15,000 digital records, dissertations, graduate, periodicals, and books (Pandemos)

• Electronic bibliographic search databases

• E-books

Concerning audiovisual content, the Library has CD’s of classical music, educational and reference DVDs and CD-ROMs, 600 VHS and DVDs with classic motion pictures as well as 100 LP vinyl records, a collection of documentaries, slides of National Gallery London and 25 maps, are part of this collection which is located on the ground floor of the Library.