Imprint collections

Main Collection of Books

The Library has a rich collection of printed books that enhance the research, teaching, and learning activities of faculty, students, and staff in the social sciences.  The subject areas supported by this collection include philosophy, history, communications, disability studies, economics, education, information and library science, LGBTQ studies, multiculturalism and diversity, psychology, sociology, social work, and women’s studies. Ninety five thousand volumes spread over the four floors of the Library within Reference books which are located on the ground floor. Please notice that Reference books do not circulate.

Printed Journals Collection

780 titles of printed journals, Greek and foreign, are in the special area of remote shelving on the ground floor of the Library. Users have access to them at their request at the Borrowing Desk. Printed Journal Collection does not circulate either.

Doctorate Theses Collection

The Library maintains a record of approximately 1400 theses written at the Panteion University or other universities in the scientific fields of social and political sciences. This collection is also located on the ground floor.

Historical Library

This collection is made up of books published prior to 1950 and these are publications of historical value which due to their age are on shelves kept in a special area of ​​the Library. The collection numbers about 4,500 books, mainly from personal collections and donations of Panteion teachers and from the beginning of the 19th century. The books of this collection are not borrowed and photocopied. However, users can read them by requesting the Borrowing Desk

Literature Books Collection

The collection includes more than 2.800 Greek and foreign titles, short stories and novels located on the ground floor of the Library.