Electronic Resources




The Library of Panteion University provides to its members and visitors access to electronic resources through the potential of online search, display and obtain information through the Internet.


Access to the following resources - databases is only achieved  through the University network.



 Electronic journals

Academic institutions - members of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries (HEAL – Link)  have access to full text electronic journals, books and bibliographic databases. 
The Library's subscription to JSTOR archive allows access of members of Panteion to full-text journals humanities and social sciences in the first year of publication.
The bibliographic database Scopus (SciVerse Scopus) - provided by HEAL-Link - contains citations and abstracts journal articles and numerous management tools for records and reports.




The bibliographic database PsychINFO contains over 3 million records (articles, books and dissertations) related to the behavioral sciences and mental health.


 Web of Science (WoS)  is an integrated information system covering :

-Topics on Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities
-over 8,500 journals
-more than 36,000,000 citations,
-over 790mil. ''cited references'',
-more than 1,1 mil. new records & 23 mil. cited references / year.


Panteion has material relating up to the year 2011 (through INTRANET).


 Access to the following resources are open to all and reached from anywhere.


Electronic databases of Pandemos library


PANDEMOS is a place of electronic publication of Panteion University scientific community members intellectual activity. Through Pandimos,widespread publication and immediate availability, greater promotion and protection of work to the broad scientific community are achieved,while scholarly communication is enhancing.
The portal ANTHROPOKOINONIKA  provides access to information on the internet and on social sciences and humanities.


Electronic catalogs of academic and scientific libraries


The Collective Catalog of Greek Academic Libraries is one of the main tools and infrastructure development services of the Association of Greek Academic Libraries. It contains over 3.5 million bibliographic records for books and other library material of 55 libraries-members.
Zephyros is a portal for locating books, journals and other material in the catalogs of Greek academic libraries.
The Collective Catalog of Journals of Greek scientific and technological library contains bibliographic data of about 23,000 journals that 207 libraries contain. The user can search the magazine he wants and identify in which library it is located.


Open Access Databases of full text



The National Archive of Dissertations collects all theses elaborated in Greek Universities and doctoral dissertations that have been developed by Greek students in Universities abroad and recognized by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition and Information Organisation  (DOATAP).


The archive DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Journals – includes open, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages.
Digital Library HATHI TRUST is a collaborative repository of large research institutes and libraries in the United States ιν ορδερε το have long-term preservation and access to cultural and other material.  Provides maintenance and access to content in the public sector (public domain) or under copyright, which comes from different sources such as Google, Internet Archive, Microsoft, and the resources of the participating institutions.


Digital library - Indexes


openarchives.gr performs simultaneous search in 62 Greek digital libraries and institutional repositories. The index contains 429777 documents and is updated daily with new listings.
The index OpenDOAR is a valid index of institutional repositories and open access digital libraries from around the world.


Directories and Search Engines


The purpose of the index DOAB (Directory of Open Access Books) is to increase the possibility of discovering books of open access. These books must be of a high scientific standard and have been peer reviewed. DOAB service began in April 2012 and already includes 1098 books from 27 publishers.
Scirus is a search engine that performs extensive searches in any material form and on web pages containing scientific content. Looks to over 460 million pages among which dozens of springs (free or with subscription), containing any evaluated material, included.

The search engine Google Scholar  focuses on scientific publications (articles, books, bibliographies, surveys and other material).


- Covers all aspects and all languages.

- Provides content from all areas of research, dozens of publishers, institutions, databases, digital libraries and repositories.

- It is free and open to everyone.

- Looks not only for abstracts, but for the full text too.

- Captures and renews citations of sources and generates statistical reports.