Collection Information




Library’s collection covers the wide range of social and political sciences: philosophy, psychology, sociology, political science, economics, law, administration and management science, history, literature. It also develops subjects such as: information science, applied sciences and mathematics, social anthropology, criminology, accounting, etc. 

The print and digital material is mainly in Greek and English while there is material in German, French and Spanish languages.   


Print and audiovisual material


Library’s print material consists of main book collection, print journal collection and special collections. 

The Library’s book collection consists of:

80.000 volumes (monographs). These are textbooks, reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides, etc.), and a rich fiction and novel collection.  From 2000 to 2008, the Library issued the Acquisitions Newsletter (in print and digital form), listing the latest book acquisitions presented by subject area. Use the link Newsletter to access the newsletter archive (text in Greek only). 


Print journal collection consists of:

780 print journal titles (of them 490 current subscriptions). The collection is completed with more than 13.500 electronic journals provided by the HEAL Link consortium.  Search through the online Library Journal subcatalogue OPACIAL  for the desired title. You may also search titles using subject gateway HUMANSOCIAL.


Special collections consist of:


- Audiovisual material: 160 cds of classical music, 100 CD-ROMs of educational and bibliographic material, 600 VHS and DVDs of classical movies, 308 slides of the National Gallery (London). 

- 450 titles of lecture notes.

- 1100 doctorial thesis approved by the Panteion University and other universities.

- The “Historic Library” is specialized in rare editions of books dated from 19th century and early 20th century. Their subjects are mainly Law, History, Economics and Political Science. The “Historic Library” contains nearly 3.000 books originated mainly from private collections and donations from Panteion University professors.  




Electronic and digital material:


The Library provides its members material in digital format either through purchase /subscriptions or through participation to the Hellenic Academic Libraries Link (HEAL Link).


E-journals: The Library has access to over 13.500 journals from HEAL Link.  Access to those resources is restricted and is possible only from a Panteion University computer, laptops connected to local network or via the Wireless network (password: pantei@n123). 


E-books: The Library has access to a multitude of electronic books (series, manuals, encyclopedias and dictionaries) through HEAL Link. Access to those resources is restricted and is possible only from a Panteion University computer, laptops connected to local network or via the Wireless network (password:pantei@n123). 


Digital library-repository PANDEMOS:  is the digital library of Panteion University and offers access to full text records of postgraduate and doctorate thesis, lecture notes and Greek journal articles. These publications are the outcomes of Panteion University scientific community members’ intellectual activity. PANDEMOS contains the institutional repository (postgraduate thesis, doctoral thesis, et al.) the University publications (yearbooks, et al.) the archive of digitized journals, collection of digitized material for persons with disabilities, et al. (Page available only in Greek). Access to PANDEMOS is free for everyone from everywhere. 



Library collections: Use – Access – Search


Panteion Library supports open access to its resources and lends the greater part of its print collections to members of Panteion academic community. Certain parts of the collection are excluded from loan depending on type of material, its safety and reassurance of access to the wider public. 


Material excluded from borrowing:


- From main book collection, reference material cannot be borrowed.

- From print journal collection, journal issues and volumes cannot be borrowed.

- From special collections, doctoral thesis and lecture notes in unique copies cannot be borrowed. Moreover, “Historical Library” rare books cannot be borrowed.


This material is available to all Library users for consultation within Library premises under certain conditions (presentation of ID card to Circulation Desk).


Lending period for material available for borrowing ranges from 5 to 30 days depending on user category and material type. Library staff may restrict or eliminate normal lending period for any type of material if ite is in high demand. Check Library Rules & Regulations [see attached file] for further information..

Panteion Library supports open access to its collections to all possible users either members of the Panteion academic community or members of the wider public. In order for users to locate print and audiovisual material in Library premises, they have to search through the electronic library catalogue OPACIAL  


When searching for an item at the catalogue, users receive information regarding its position in the premises (see floor plan – text in Greek only) and information regarding its position on the shelves. That information consists of the call number and holding information (on shelf, on loan). For example: 320.532092 GRA, Status: On shelf). Certain parts of the collection have a different type of call number related to material type, for example: Σ=lecture notes, MET=seminar paper, ΔΙΑ=doctoral thesis, M=fiction, Δ=short stories, Ε.Φ. = historical library collection, ΠΕΡ=journal, ΑΝΑ= offprint, ΠΛΗ=reference material. 


Library catalogue OPACIAL consists of several subcatalogues, so that users may search only the type of material the wish (lecture notes, doctorial thesis, etc.). You may click on the particular subcatalogue.