Internet and digital services





The Library adopts open source software, and develops its own digital services which are freely available to the public. Skilled librarians and information specialists develop information systems, digital repositories and knowledge organization systems in general. Those systems are based on Web 2.0 technologies which play a crucial role in cases where users are called to transform and enrich existing information.  

During the recent years the Library has developed and maintains the following digital services:


Search and Catalogue System - OPACIAL.

A Web 2.0 Online Public Catalog System 

OPACIAL is an online system which enables access to library catalogues and uses Web 2.0 technologies. It connects to library catalogues via the Z39.50 protocol while at the same time connects to the digital library and repository system DSpace.  The search module enables uses Web 2.0 technologies and allows users to exchange views and comment on the available resources.



Digital Library - PANDEMOS.

Digital Library of Panteion University: (PANDEMOS).


With the development of a digital library-institutional repository system, the University has created a virtual space where the intellectual production of the University is gathered, indexed and preserved. The repository also hosts material not owned by the University (e.g. digitized Greek journals).  At the same time, the Library enables members of the community to submit digital material in order to promote and transmit knowledge and research. That material consists of lecture notes, master and doctoral thesis plus a corpus of digitized Greek journals. Users are able to search and freely download texts.



Interlibrary Loan Systems PLEIaS.

An Interlibrary Loan System (InterLibrary Loan - ILL).


The Panteion Library Electronic Interlibrary System is a web based interlibrary loan system which offers a complete set of modules for the service (full financial and logistics monitoring, users’ accounts, group accounts, statistics et al.). The application manages interlibrary and document supply requests from libraries and local users for thousands of items per year.    


Subject Portal – HUMANSOCIAL.    

The Subject Portal «HUMANSOCIAL».


The Subject Portal of the Panteion University offers access to internet information and resources related to social sciences and the humanities. There resources are: electronic journal titles (free accessed or under subscription), databases, current affairs (conferences, et al.), digitized books, institutions websites, etc. HUMANSOCIAL presents its resources under a homemade subject index offering at the same time search and personalized services.  


Services via PDAs and Smart phones.

Library users may use their smart phone devises of their PDAs to locate resource in the Library. Following the URL they access browsing and search services of the catalogue OPACIAL.


Library’ web site.


Users’ main contact point with the Library is the webpage of the Library.  The website is supported by a networked digital information system which enables library staff to perform functions such as: content update, announcements and events presentation, users support, offer digital services et al. Library’s website is maintained and enriched on time, promptly and remotely.