Library Training Courses





Panteion University Library organizes introductory courses aiming to familiarize its users with its material and services. They are given at the seminar teaching room and last 90 minutes. For futhrer information, Library member can contact the Information and Instruction Department (tel. +30 210 9201397+) or by e-mail at

These courses apply mainly to new students but may also be attended by any other member of the academic community. 

Types of seminars and their content

Introduction to Library use
The seminar is designed to familiarize freshmen students with the Library institution (learning material, organization and available services). Special focus is given to the Open Public Access Catalogue (OPAC).
Seminars are given at the beginning of each academic year after communicating with academic departments. Certain departments have included the semicar at their curriculum. The seminar is given during all academic year according to a program so as all member of the academic community to attend it.

Using electronic resources
Attendants get familiar with the Library's website and how to use electronic resources. It concerns all members of the academic community who may apply after consulting the program announced by the Library.

Database searching instruction
This seminar is given as part of the curriculum of undergraduate and postgraduate departments and provides instruction on database using and searching. It also provides specialized and course or discipline-specific assistance. For the moment it is given after personnal contact between the university faculty and the Information and Instruction Department of the Library.